Wrt1900acs with openwrt worth it?

i bought first revision of wrt1900acs a few years back, it's a Rev.A00, and i installed openwrt right away, however it didn't have some things, and it was king strange in itself, but it was a long time ago, today i am moving location of this router to another place, and i am thinking in installing openwrt again, is it worth on wrt1900acs ? will it have all wifi capability as stock firmware ? or will it miss something, this firmware is good today, or is lacking as 3 years ago, i ask because i remember when it was launched linksys said that it would have a openwrt support, and we did not have this support at that time, and some functionalitys didn't work, i don't remember full story, i am just asking if it's worthy to install in this day and age or should i just keep with stock firmware, i love openwrt in itself, i installed and had more than 6-8 routers with openwrt, and i am used to it, but i would like to be sure, that it's as good as stock firmware.

edit: just to be clear, i looked into it again, and it's a v2

full name is WRT1900ACV2


Might be worth a look. Well respected here and his 5/24/2020 latest build has been solid imho. No new builds imminent atm due to some issues though.

I’m running the same router as my main internet router.
For me it works solid. Quick and stable WiFi, and able to saturate my 1gbit/sec internet connection without breaking a sweat.
For me this is still one of the best routers out there for Openwrt, even though the WiFi drivers aren’t being developed anymore

Been using my WRT1900ACS v1 from day one (3 or 4 year now) with OpenWRT and DD-WRT and it's still a great Router also in that time i've also owned a Asus RT-AC86U which broke after less than a year and a Netgear R7800 but range is not as good plus get so many errors when using with a Raspberry Pi NAS so sit's in a cupboard as a backup

PS if you try DD-WRT some of the new builds are a little temperamental but older builds ie r44048 std (08/02/20) work great

OpenWrt over stock all day long!

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I have the WRT1900ACSv2 and is an absolute workhouse of a router. I run ad-blocker on it, it has SQM-QoS to reduce bufferfloat and the WiFi is fairly stable for me.

thanks i will follow your advice, i would install newest build, wiki one is from 5/16/2020, but dc502 is more new by a few days meaning that they might had solved something, and i will try it. thank you very much.

guys thanks for your advice i will follow your advice and try openwrt

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