WRT1900ACS: Wireless is losing internet access, wired is fine

This is the same issue that I had in this thread, but the problem has started again. I am running Davidc502's OpenWRT build, but I'm posting here because the problem happened on regular builds as well.

My wireless connections have randomly started dropping internet access. The wifi stays connected, but nothing connected to the wifi can connect to the internet. My wired PC is unaffected and can access the internet just fine. Restarting the router fixes the problem temporarily, but the connection drops again anywhere from 2-30 minutes later.

There's nothing immediately obvious when viewing the logs, so I'm really not sure what's going on or how to troubleshoot it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

option ieee80211w 'x'

in use per chance?

Sorry, how would I check that? Not sure what command to use to see it or what file it's in.

In the GUI under wireless setup I assume (not a GUI person), but in file


look to see if option is there, and if so, is set to anything other than '0'. If it is, try setting it to '0' , bounce your wireless if the wifi command is responsive, or reboot if not.

Checked that file, that line is not present anywhere.