WRT1900ACS Wireless buggy in Snapshot or 22.03 every RC

Dear Forum,

i'm using the Imagebuilder to build Images for my WRT1900ACS for a long time now.
I've used David502sis (if i remember correctly) build for years, when he stopped I've migrated to the currenty stable via Imagebuilder.

I've now tested every RC or 22.03 and recently also the snapshot. The wireless seems buggy, no matter if i use my config or recreate it from scratch.
My FireTV can connect without issues, but every Mobilephone fails.

Am i the only one to experience this, or can i adjust the config to make 22.03 work?

Thanks in advance!
Cheers Marc

No, if you search the forum, you will find more issues with wifi on WRT1900 etc.

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The simple truth seems to be, WPA3 is the Problem :slight_smile:
i just reconfigured my Wireless to plain WPA2, updated to the most recent snapshot build by Imagebuilder (RC4 and RC5 cannot get some wolfssl library, so snapshot is my way to test) and it works like a charm. It was nice to have WPA3, but i don't really need it. If that's the price to use the "old" hardware, i'm happy :wink:
Thanks for this awesome project!

Sure, wpa3 requires 802.11w management frame protection, and the mwlwifi driver (or actually the closed-source firmware) is known to be buggy regarding that.