WRT1900ACS vs Archer C7 - VLAN

Hi all,

I currently own both a Linksys WRT1900ACS v2 and a Tp-Link Archer C7 v5.

I am finding differences between which versions of LuCI can be installed on both versions whilst retaining the VLAN Switch tab at the top of the web gui.

I am currently running v19.07.10 on the WRT1900 and v23.05.3 on the Archer C7.

Is anyone able to help explain why when I flash the WRT1900 to any later version than it's currently on, I totally lose the VLAN tab, yet on v23 using the Archer C7 - I have full use of the VLAN tab.

I use VLANS entirely for my home network set-up and have held off updating the firmware (or rather, I have repeatedly updated and had to roll back) due to lack of VLAN compatibility.

I have had a look through some of the info on the WRT1900ACS V2 and can't see any release notes so far that suggest loss of switch usage. Unless I'm being a moron...

presumably the switch to DSA

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Surely they're both using DSA though, are they not? Genuine question.

pretty sure ath79 still haven't migrated to DSA.

c7-v5 is ath79 and still hasn't migrated to DSA on current snapshot, hence the difference

The answer is indeed that the WRT1900ACS v2 is indeed DSA in the latest versions of OpenWrt, whereas it was swconfig on 19.07 (and the C7 is ath79 which is still swconfig even on 23.05).

That said:

  1. You should upgrade your WRT1900ACS to 23.05. Using 19.07 is not a good option because of the fact that it is EOL, unsupported, and has many known security vulnerabilities.

  2. As part of the upgrade to 23.05, you must reset your configuration to defaults (don't keep settings during the upgrade), and then configure from scratch.

  3. DSA is not hard to learn, and should work without issues to allow you to continue to use VLANs. You can read up on DSA, and w can also help you here.

  4. If you want our help to setup the VLANs, we will need to know what your specific goals are (i.e. what VLAN IDs, what ports, tagged/untagged status per-port, is this the main router or just an AP/switch, etc.)


Thanks! I will create a new thread once I've updated. I'll do some screenshots showing my VLAN setup too.

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