WRT1900ACS V2 - Wifi TX Power - boost?


Is there a way to enhance WRT1900ACS V2's TX power on the 2,5MHz-interface over 20dB running on LEDE?

Already ordered Boost antennas, but still wondering why there is now remarkable difference in wifi TX power between the to "generations" WRT54GL and WRT1900ACS V2?

In fact WRT54GL even seems to blow out higher TX power in the fields than his bigger next- generation friend WRT1900ACS V2!?



If the maximum setting of the chip is 20dB, then technically no.

This will increase gain, perhaps. You can also buy an amplifier (or, a better router).

If you're measuring this with a power/spectrum meter (or looking the the Wireless page on LuCI), please recall newer devices use 802.11g, which is Spread Spectrum - they don't need as much power...how is your speed??

If you have the Web GUI, it's under Interfaces. You enter the starting number, and the number of leases.

EDIT: It could also be that you're using multiple SSIDs.

TX dB boost on all WRT AC Series routers manufactured in 2017> must conform to the FCC ruling that took affect in 2017, of which locks the transmit power above a certain amount (likely 20dB, but I can't recall for sure... I'd double check on google, or use Google's Advanced search to search the now dead WRT1900AC thread on the OpenWrt forum)

  • I believe this affects all WRT AC Series v2's, with the exception of the WRT1900AC v2.