WRT1900acs v2 VDSL configuartion


Does anyone know if the Linksys WRT1900ACS v2 WAN gigabit (Internet) port can double as a PPPoE modem port, i.e. I would remove the VDSL ISP modem completely and plug the one pair DSL cable directly into WAN port of the ACS V2. My ACS is running LEDE 17.01.02.

In all honesty, I tried this, configured the WAN port to use the PPPoE protocol, configured the username and password, enabled the port but I had no TX/RX.

I suspect that the one pair (RJ11) cable is not compliant, in that it is dropping data packets. Replaced this with a complete RJ45 but just the same.

Appreciate the help and guidance

no, you need the VDSL ISP modem. the linksys has no vdsl modem integrated, so he can't "speak" vdsl.

Thanks for that :wink: