WRT1900acs v2 txpower can't be changed?

I've tried adjusting the txpower on the 2Ghz band radio via luci and via command line and although the setting is shown in the user interface, the actual power output (as measured by received signal at my phone 5 meters away in the next room) is totally the same regardless of whether I set power output of 1dBm or 20dBm or anything else. If I set "auto" the user interface says it's 30dBm output. I have 3 different APs in my house and would much prefer that this one not spam the world with RF.

It seems perhaps the firmware just forces the output to max? Can it be adjusted? is this a not-yet-implemented feature or something that the hardware locks us out of?

On V2 flavours(+rango) power table is fixed.

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It's always nice to see how our heroic FCC is keeping us all safe by threatening manufacturers so that they all set their power output in hardware to exactly the legal maximum thereby maximizing airway spam. :frowning:

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did you tried to use reghack2.
did you tried to change country to 00 or us will this help?