WRT1900ACS,V1,Beginers Question

New to this, but, I bought this Unit,and Original Firmware.needs more than a little help! Any-one with, experience,of a "useful build",would be appreciated!

Is there anything wrong with the official stable release?

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Connecting Through Additional"ORIGINAL", MODEM/ROUTER!) 2:- WiFi,
Has "NO BLOODY SIGNAL"!, (2.4 +5.0Ghz)! I have it "HOOKED THROUGH
A Linksys 8 port Gigabyte Switch (That Seems To Be Working @ 50%
Capacity) + a LINKSYS PAPT2, (For VOIP), As you can see, I have
"Spared", very little, in Expense, in my "Quest", for "DECENT"
performance! Even "OFFICIAL LINKSYS/Support", Were "NO HELP"!
Yours Wolfy(Club-Name) Peter.

hmm, If there were such basic non starter issues involving the mamba, seems there would be some people making noise somewhere; at least for me an image from current master image runs fine.

Edit: yes, I missed that it was a shelby v1. But my comment stands regarding issues, although there is certainly a somewhat esoteric issue for me currently on a rango; but nothing as basic as what is outlined here.

ACSv1 != mamba

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Firstly, I must apologies, for my Delay, In Response! Where would I , be Able to access this "Mambo", Installation, you refer to? Yours Wolfy(Club-Name) Peter.

That was a mistake on my part, I thought you were talking about the mamba which is a WRT1900AC; i.e. it is not a build but a device. But I use both a mamba and a rango (WRT3200ACM) and see non of what you describe. There are images off the stuff link on my avatar, but either current snapshot, or 19.x.RC1 should work I would think.

As a "Beginer", I also had no Idea, you meant Device! I am using a "WRT1900ACS VERSION 1". Will the "IMAGE", you Mentioned, Still Work, on my Device? I would really Enjoy, getting this to "Work"! Yours Wolfy(Club-Name) Peter.