HI guys I bought a UDM Pro to replace my WRT1900ACS and recently find the problem the UDMP has with PPPoE connection limiting the download speed to 650Mbps down aprox.
My plan is 900 down 600 up, so as a work around people is puting another router to handle the PPPoE and sending the connection as DHCP.
So I did that my WRT1900ACS is handling the PPPoE and the UDMP is connecting through DHCP
But im asking for help to config my Openwrt so the connection is send to the UDMP the "best" way
I know I will have double NAT but I will have the full speed my provider gives.


Connect a suitable class workstation ( I5 or above, 1Gbps LAN ) to a LAN port on the WRT1900ACS using Cat5e cable or above, and run a ( OOKLA ) speed test, selecting a Server local to your location.

If you achieve the plan speeds you expect, do nothing. Connect the WRT1900ACS to the UDM Pro, and enjoy.

Edit: acceptable speed test should return 90% > or more of vendor stated speed. No other devices should be consuming network bandwidth when running the speed test.

I´m getting full speed in download and upload from a pc connected to the UDMP.
I just was wandering if I have to turn off the firewall or stuff like that.
Thanks for you answer

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Excellent: then you are all set. No, nothing to turn off, change, or disable on the WRT1900ACS, as you are running Double NAT.

(*) Unless you run into some device, service, or application that is incompatible with the Double NAT setup: I would leave everything as-is.

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