Wrt1900ac v1 v2 choice

about to buy a used unit, and the price isn't much different. just want to know if there's any reason why i should choose one over the other!


The main CPU differs between v1 (MV78230) and v2 (88F6820), the later is part of the current Armada 380 series, which has a couple of (ISA level) features (such as NEON) over the older Armada XP series. In terms of OpenWrt support for the mvebu target, Armada XP is the odd one out, which has less active maintenance; all other Linksys WRT1200AC v1/ v2, WRT1900ACS, WRT3200ACM/ WRT32x devices are using CPUs/ SOCs of the Armada 380 family.

Given free choice, you should strongly prefer v2 over v1, to the extent of actively trying to avoid the v1 (which shouldn't imply that the v1 wouldn't be supported tough).

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Mate, I bought 3 WRT1900Acs, Ver. 2, Units, None of which, I, or Linksys /support, could get to work! In the end, I know have a Ver.1. Which is why I am here. I need to get "THIS ONE, TO WORK"!!!!!

Please open a new thread for that, it has nothing to do with the original question - and OpenWrt supports both revisions, so there must be an issue with your particular device/ setup/ flashing procedure.

Apologies, First time ,on "Forum",plus, I thought my comment, would be use-full,As "That, Is what really happened" As was my comment, as to why I was here!

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