WRT1900AC V1 2.4GHz Wireless still does not work correctly after flash. Please help!

Hey guys so I am a complete noob when it comes to linux commands and such...I need a little help.
So I just flashed over the openwrt firmware 19.07.4 on my router. Everything seemed to flash correctly and I set admin password etc. When I go to wireless configuration...5GHz works fine but 2.4GHz hardly works its intermittent or just doesnt turn on at all. I switch to this firmware hoping it would fix that issue. Yes I have enabled it and set the ssid and password with wpa2-psk, I set the channel to auto, it has US for the country code. Everything seems like its set correctly but shows a question mark where bitrate is and I cant connect any device to it?

Is it just my device? Is it a hardware flaw? I know many others with this exact router had the same issue but that was with stock linksys firmware.

Any tips on getting 2.4GHz up and running correctly? Thanks!