WRT1900 what should I do?

Hi guys!

Two questions I need your help on.

1- Should I switch my WRT1900 firmware from DD-WRT to OpenWRT ?

2- Or should I buy GL.iNet Flint ?

Linksys still working good, but it is getting older (talking about performance, wifi 5, etc).

Let me know your thoughts please.

Thanks :sunglasses:

the Flint won't route faster, but the wifi might be better, and WAP3 will work.
also, it's currently not supported.

if you're unhappy with the 1900s wifi, I'd grab a 2nd device, to use as AP,
the 1900s is still a very good wired router.


Interesting, thanks!

What about Flint 2 pre flashed OpenWRT?

there's no such thing as preflashed, what gl.inet calls openwrt, isn't "real" openwrt.

Flint 2s wifi if def faster, question is, do you need the wireless throughput, and the two 2.5GbE ports ?
could you perhaps settle for the WRX36, which is half the price of the Flint 2, but only got one 2.5GbE port ?
or even the RT3200/E8450, which is ~$30 cheaper than the WRX36.

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Well my Linksys still in pretty good shape, but it is true that wifi is slower. So yes "speed" was my first question when I started to look.

Didn't know Flints weren't "real" openwrt...thanks for the info!

Are WRX36 and RT3200 easy to upgrage/manage on OpenWRT?

the WRX36 might have stability issues, even though I haven't seen any in my setup, while the RT3200/E8450 should be rock solid.
the issue here is the installation procedure, where people, if I understand it corrrectly, miss the fact the newest ubi-installer requires an openwrt snapshot image.

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Thanks for these infos, appreciate it!

I'll get more info about E8450 and how to upgrade it.

just so it's clear, the GL-MT6000 is supported here, once you've reflashed it.
the GL-AX1800 is WIP - https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/14806.
but what gl.inet is shipping them with, isn't openwrt, but their own derivative.

Or Cudy WR3000, flash is small but if you don't plan to put too many packages it's very good one, I helped my friend to get one and performance is great.