Wrt1900 or R7800 which one?


I have a linksys wrt 1900ac with Openwrt... its working fine, no complains.
But I can get a Netgear R7800...

So now I am thinking which one should I use ?
Any recommendations?
would the change be worth it looking forward? (before AX wifi comes up and its used... and thinking future releases of OPENWRT)

I would never choose any WRT-device in future, because there is no further development of the marvel wifi driver. i love my wrt1900acs, but if i had to choose a new router, i would prefer the Netgear R7800 or the Zyxel NBG6817.

Netgear R7800 vs Zyxel NBG6817, is it worth the extra money? Hardware Questions and Recommendations

Zyxel is good if you don't need a SATA. It has a dualboot feature that may be useful.

Uhh, i love the dualboot feature of my wrt1900acs ... and the Zyxel has this too.



The only thing i am actually missing ist wpa3 and 802.11w ... but this is not worth the invest yet ... IMHO.

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wpa3 and 802.11w are available in openwrt.

This is not functional / stable on Linksys WRT Routers with mwlwifi firmware 88W8864 due to unresolved bugs in the firmware / wifi driver ...

This proves my concept to stick with QCA devices. I almost bought one of the expensive Marvell ones, but finally changed my mind to IPQ4018 :slight_smile:


R7800 it is then.
QCA = Qualcomm device?
NBG6817 looks nice! And amazing memory 4gb!

Really happy with my R7800.