Wrt1900 bridge 2.4GHz + 5 GHz + 2.4GHz usb dongle how?

hey.i have a wrt1900ac v1 and my goal is to connect it to a peap / mschapv2 access point at the next building via the 2.4 ghz radio than make my local access point with the 5ghz radio
i have successfully managed to connect after i have uninstalled wpad-mini than install wpa-supplicant
now i have internet via the lan ports but i cant set up the 5ghz radio
also it would be nice if i have another 2.4ghz access point too.all i need is just a compatible usb dongle,right? are there any list with compatible devices available?
i considering the TL-WN722N v1.would it be a good choce?(external antenna connector required)


The ath9k-based devices, in my experience, are much more robust than the Realtek-based devices. Unfortunately, many model numbers that were once Atheros-based switched to Realtek with, if lucky, a version-number change. Check carefully. ath9k USB devices on the used market tend to be pretty expensive. I'd consider that, for example, a complete, new GL.iNet GL-MT300Nv2 router (2x2 2.4 GHz, 16 MB flash, 128 MB RAM, two Ethernet ports) that effectively runs OpenWrt as OEM firmware can be had for ~US20.

Given those prices, I'd much rather have a GL-AR300M for US$40 with a faster, arguably better SoC and 128 MB of NAND.

(I haven't owned any MTK-based devices, but they seem to be reported here to perform well at their price point. I do own a couple GL-AR300M-series devices that I am happy with.)

if you unistall wpad-mini, and install only wpa-supplicant, access point will not work anymore, only station will work

wpad in openwrt = wpa_supplicant+hostapd