WRT1200ACv2 Horror stories abound. Shall I flash my router?

So, I have a new wrt1200ACv2 and want to get an open source firmware on it. I've read some horror stories on here and other places, with tales of constant rebooting and more.

Is the latest firmware version working for wrt1200acv2 users?

Should I use the latest release rather than the stable?


I think this is a case for DD-WRT. OpenWRT seems a big mess at the moment.

OpenWRT is just fine for the WRT1200. There was problems with the WI-FI drivers in the older builds but the sames gos for DDWRT as both fermwairs use the same drivers. Just in case you would like to know the code for the drivers can be found here:
The latest stable build of OpenWRT is 17.1.4.

A new build called 18.6 Is said to be ready for this month. You can flash the 17.1.4 build now and then update to 18.6 or just wate for the 18.6 build. You should not have any problems with openwrt on the WRT1200. Openwrt if not a mess it's doing just fine.

17.01.4 contains ancient wifi driver from June 2017. Avoid that.

For latest drivers you can try a 18.6 snapshot build here:

Thanks for the replies. In the meantime I have install DD-WRT on the router but I've found the support for port mirroring not great. Does OpenWRT have better for port mirroring/span port than DD-WRT?