Wrt1200ac with openwrt configure as router?

for the life of me I cannot figure out how to configure this thing.

I originally installed openwrt onto this router to use it as a long range repeater bridge and it worked great for a long time for that purpose. However i have not needed to use it for a while since then.

Lately I have been having issues with my modems built in wifi. After a reset it will take almost 10 minutes for the wifi radeos to initialize. Once it finally does the wifi will work at full speed for anywhere between 10minutes to 1hour and then continue to degrade until its complete shit, from 90mbps download plummets to around 10-20. 13 ping skyrockets into 50s or higher.

I wanted to go ahead and swap the modem into bridge mode and use the wrt1200ac as the router and see if that fixes it.

Problem is I can't get it working, set modem to bridge, plug ethernet from modem into wan port on router and getting nothing, tried the lan ports too. Can't get anything, not sure how to configure the ethernet interface in openwrt.

I tried swapping back to stock firmware with power switch 3times to swap to secondary boot(witch used to work) but cannot get it to swap over now(maybe openwrt overwrite at some point).

Anyway can someone help me understand how to configure the eth interface to receive internet signal from the modem via ethernet cable?

It sounds like you just want the wrt1200 to be a dump ap which is pretty simple, you don't need to change much, here's the instructions.

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And that'll work with the modem in bridge mode? From what I understand setting the modem/router to bridge mode completely disables all router capabilities of the combo modem.

I don't know what device you have but yes, that's usually the case.