WRT1200AC wifi issues

I am new to LEDE and got a WRT1200AC recently.
Set it up with davidc502's latest snapshot and latest wifi driver.
When I try to set it up to a channel higher than 100 on 5Ghz, it disables wifi.
The LED for wifi turns off and get the following message:
"Wireless is disabled or not associated"
And my clients cannot find the wifi ssid when try to scan for a network.

Please help and let me know if you need any more information regarding the issue.

Channels above 100 use DFS. It takes a while for wifi to come up on these channels because it somehow has to negotiate (I don't know the technical details) if it can use these channels or if there is some radar blocking it. So maybe you just have to wait a few minutes until you see your wifi.

Apart from that, I still have problems with mwlwifi and DFS channels. It doesn't seem to work that reliable yet. It fairly quickly changes to a non-DFS channel. But maybe my area is just full of weather radars.

For me, performance on a non-DFS channel is good enough, so I haven't really looked into that.

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Channels above 48 are controlled by the local regulatory domain.
Some countries are only allowed to use channels 36-48.
If you have a newer WRT1200AC v2, there is nothing you can change, everything is programmed into EPROM enad only works if you DON'T change the country settings.
If you have an older WRT1200AC v1, you can change the country, but the driver has bugs, which makes it think radar signals are detected frequently and it will change to a non DFS channel.
Unfortunately, Marwell has decided NOT to fix the bug, see https://github.com/kaloz/mwlwifi/issues/75

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