WRT1200AC w/ LEDE infinite hang

Hi All,

Seem to have an infinite hang time with all traffic over Wi-Fi on the WRT1200AC. I know 100% there is a DSL connection as over LAN with a direct connection to the ISP Modem, we're around 50mb/s down. If I turn on the ISP Modem's Wi-Fi it works as good as it will get, however with the WRT1200AC connected I have an infinite hang for all traffic.

Websites won't load, Alexa 'cannot connect to the internet' and so on. This is across all devices connected to the WRT1200AC.

DNS is the usual &

The WRT1200AC has been reset to factory with no luck.

Is there a firewall issue or something I'm missing here? The modem is plugged into the "Internet" port too.

Thank you in advance

I personally have had issues with CloudFlare's DNS, and upon switching to OpenDNS', DNS lag was eliminated. I'd recommend try changing the DNS first to either OpenDNS' or Comodo's, as both provide active malware filtering, and seeing if that mitigates the issue.

  • Are you utilizing the most recent mwlwifi driver?

  • You may also want to contemplate upgrading to 18.06.1.

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How is the WRT1200AC configured? Are you double-NATing? Could you have an IP address conflict?


Wouldn't having a modem in bridge mode disable the possibility of an IP Conflict or double NAT?
Currently, the WRT1200AC is stock LEDE with the exception of Wi-Fi being configured and enabled.

What would you recommend to change to ensure there isn't any conflicts?


Currently running 18.06.01. I'll go ahead and update/download the suggested driver.
I'll adjust the DNS and check results. I've normally sworn by but you may be right on this

Yes, if the modem is configured as a bridge, you should not have IP conflicts.

You need to localize the problem.
Change MTU, change DNS, try wired connection.