WRT1200AC mwlwifi troubles with STA client mode

what about wrt1200ac ? , i upgraded to 21.02.2 and the bug still there
wifi bitrate drops to 2mb after few minutes....

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The mac80211 fix from this thread is included in the release.

I've been testing it on a WRT1200AC but haven't noticed problems. Can you provide more details on your setup and devices?

when i connect the wireless adapter as wireless client to another network the connection is stable
however after 2-3 minutes it start to degrade , luci show that the adapter bitrate dropped to 2mb
and the basically there is no connectivity at this stage.

if i click "restart" on the adapter it would work again for another 2-3 minutes and would go back
to the no connectivity state.

i've connected external usb wireless adapter ( TP-Link TL-WN722N) and the connection works
perfectly , no bitrate drop.

What is the built-in adapter chip/card in your computer?

i'm connected to the router via ethernet cable , so the topology is like

my computer -> (ethernet cable) wrt1200ac -> (wireless adapter) -> another router providing access point

this works perfect when the "wireless adapter" is the external tplink card (connected to the wrt1200ac)

So, you are using the WRT1200AC in station mode (STA), as client connecting to another wifi network, and not as an access point (AP) ?

Problems with that usage sound different than the topic of this thread.

yes i'm using at as a client in order to protect my computer (via nat) from the other network
and have adblock functionality.

I split this as a separate thread, as the issue is likely different.

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does anyone investigate this ? (there is a bug for this issue?)
would you like me to collect any debug info ?

If you found a bug why not submit a bug report with your logs instead of asking on a forum thread? Don't expect much to improve for mwlwifi though, the driver project has been dead for years with no source code updates.