WRT1200AC -- kmod-usb3 packages missing

I would like to add an external HD to my router which supports usb3.

The wiki pages found here and here refer to the following packages to provide the necessary kernel modules for usb3 and usb uasp support:

  • kmod-usb3
  • kmod-uas

However, these packages do not appear to be available when searching for them in the repository.

This issue appears to be target specific. I can find these packages in other targets in the lede repository under the '/releases/17.01.4/targets/' URI, however, for the target that my router uses, mvebu, these packages appear to be missing.

I am using LEDE version 17.01.4.

Is there any way around this issue?

From what i understand, kmod-usb3 is already in the kernel for mvebu devices, so no need to install, not sure about kmod-uas.

As @mike mentioned, kmod-usb3 is no longer required, and kmod-uas has been changed to kmod-usb-storage-uas

  • What I'm not sure of is if kmod-usb-ehci is required on the WRT AC Series

Thanks for your assistance.

However, it would appear that the package kmod-usb-storage-uas is still not available in release 17.01.4, which is using kernel version 4.4.92-1.

I was able to find this package for my target in the development snapshot found in the repository. However, this package appears to be for kernel version 4.9.75-1.

Do I need to re-flash my router to use the newer and possibly unstable development snapshot in order to utilize usb-uas?

Thanks again.

I've occasionally backported packages, sometimes they work fine, other times they don't, i don't know of any other way other than trying to install to find out. Fwiw, uas doesn't seem to be necessary for your usb drive to work, it just makes certain functions a bit more efficient.

You would need to flash an image using kernel version 4.9.75, or compile your own image. I recommend all users to compile their own images, as it's easy, all your custom files are included in the image, as well all packages you want.

  • If you're interested in compiling your own image, see my posts here and here