WRT1200ac better than NanoPi r4s


very disappointed I'm...

I've swapped back to my WRT1200ac v2.

Streaming with the r4s was no good (Can I please watch Ashoka !!! lol).

OpenWrt 23.05.0-rc3 on both

nothing fancy

  • Wan is double NAT on the ISP box with static IP for DMZ
  • Lan is direct on a dumb 8 port switch
  • No WIFI (I've a couple of ax3 in AP)

Have an ADSL Internet so no 4K yet

I'll try with 22.x but won't be easy to track down...

You do not provide any context, other than no WiFi and no switch, I would say R4S is basically much better than WRT1200AC. I do have both WRT1900ACv2 + WRT3200ACM, they can only route at ~800Mbps while R4S can handle 1G without any issue, I also run transmission on top of the R4S with USB HDD for torrent at the same time.

You opened a topic, but you didn't ask a question. Did you just want to vent? As pointed out above the R4S SoC is more powerful than the WRT1200AC one.

The question is why and help OC. You want a full chatgpt prompt :yum: ?

And the context is Video streaming on ADSL. So not a CPU issue there. I get max 5% on CPU on r4s. I've 18 mb/s max on my ADSL.

But facts remain. R4s was bad. Video buffering every 5 minutes.

You can be angry and curse but wrt1200 is better now with nearly stock image.

So if you can provide pointers (some debugging package or else) it could be constructive. If you just want to tell me I'm a big noob, I know it already :+1::+1:

EDIT: reflashed from stock bare minimium config (no IRQ affinity) and no update. more after the next Ashoka :stuck_out_tongue:

So it's just here to vent and complain I understand...


Many people using their R4S with streaming and/or something else without issue, so this is not R4S issue there.