Wrt1200ac and 22.03.2+

I know some people are having issues with the switch when using 22.03.2+ and WRT routers but I can't replicate the issues. However due the whole software source being removed l'm now 3 versions behind the current and this lack of updates it probably a risk in itself.

Could the sources images not be released and let the end users decide to install them or not?

Hop on the 23.05 snapshot train I'd say if you'd like to stay current. 5.10 is broken with DSA and these specific Marvell switches, if you would really like to use it anyway, pull the git tree and build an image yourself. Nowadays you don't even need Linux, you can do it in a VM or WSL2.

Didn't realise you could do that, so thank you I will take a look...