WRT1200AC / 15.05.1: 5GHz wifi low speed with android device


I've a problem with upload speed with android device on 5Ghz wifi:

OpenWRT 5Ghz wifi:
-Android device:
Download speed: 95,9 Mbps
Upload speed: 7,58 Mbps

-Laptop on lubuntu:
Download speed: 112,64 Mbps
Upload speed: 156,90 Mbps

OpenWRT 2,4Ghz wifi:
-Android device:
Download speed: 77,2 Mbps
Upload speed: 71,5 Mbps

-Laptop on lubuntu:
Download speed: 41,61 Mbps
Upload speed: 41,45 Mbps

Internet Provider (SFR) Box 5Ghz wifi:
-Android device:
Download speed: 230 Mbps
Upload speed: 273 Mbps

-Laptop on lubuntu:
Download speed: 149,68 Mbps
Upload speed: 91,95 Mbps

My router is Linksys WRT1200AC on OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 / LuCI 15.05-142-gb6330a1 Release (git-15.363.78009-956be55)

Someone have an idea ?


PS: sorry for my english :wink:

Test with my HuaWei Pro 20 with SpeedTest

OpenWrt with XIAOMI MI router 3G 5Ghz -> 356 / 215 Mbps

Openwrt WR1200JS 5Ghz -> 483 / 221 Mbps

My provider Orange Livebox 4 5Ghz -> 172 / 208 Mbps

the XIAOMI and the Livebox 4 are close to each other, the WR1200JS not far from the mobile phone

I have a wrt1200ac and it works great on the latest OpenWrt release 18.06.4, so I'd suggest upgrading since 15.05.1 is a pretty old release and no longer supported. Here's the downloads, you'll need the wrt1200 squashfs sysupgrade file, I also think it would be best not to save settings and just install everything from scratch on 18.06.4 since the releases are so far apart, things may have changed quite a bit.



After upgrade (and some problems to configure network) on 18.06.4 all working good.

OpenWRT 5Ghz wifi :
-Android device:
Download speed: 508 Mbps
Upload speed: 407 Mbps

-Laptop on lubuntu:
Download speed: 284,40 Mbps
Upload speed: 249,68 Mbps

Thank you


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