WR902AC wifi on by default

I am new to Openwrt and would like to enable wifi by default on my WR902AC. I have done this thanks to the wiki.

Now I have played around a bit with the router and have reset it in the web interface. After this reset the wifi did not come up. Seems like my wifi per default setting was gone.

What went wrong? How can I set wifi by default to remain even after a reset to factory settings?

depends on how you enabled it ?

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I did ist this way: „## Upgrading OpenWrt with Wi-Fi enabled on first boot“



Nothing went wrong. Factory reset is factory reset: on a default install, WiFi is not set up.

Option 1 as described by frollic.
Advantage, factory reset will restore all config including wifi
The problem is if the config is wrong, you may be screwed up. Imo risky, specially between major versions upgrade unless you have a dual flash device.

Option 2
save your config and restore just after factory reset
Inconvenient, you need a wired access, then logon, reinstall added packages and restore config.
Also, depending on your setup, wired access may be complex.

Option 3
a mix of both:
build a custom image with image builder with minimal config and needed packages.
On my side, I only add the lan network address of the router and my favorites packages.
Risk is lower to get locked out. You only need to be careful between major version.
My preferred one.

Option 2 is ni Option for me as I want to use it as travel router.

I don’t see the difference between option 1 and 3. In both cases it‘s building an Own Image?!

If you want your wifi to survive a factory reset, building your own firmware image is the only option afaik ( with image builder or full compilation).

Option 1 is a complete config.
Option 3 is a limited version of option 1 with the minimal config.

In your own use case, they could be quite the same.

On my own use case, if my complete config ( as in option 1) is moved to a different place, the router could be like broken due to conflicts with the new network. examples: dns, routing, ipv6.... So I prefer that factory reset bring me to a more flexible setup even if I have to restore the complete setup after reset.

I hope this help, but no option imo than to look at building your own custom firmware.