WR902AC WAN Setup (pppoe)

Hi all,
I have flashed openwrt onto the router, and setup the wireless fine. However, I cannot connect to wan.

My ISP requires vlan with id 2.

I was able to get connected to my isp for several hours, but I couldn't get the lan to connect through to the wan, so I had no internet access on my client devices/personal computers. Every time I added the vlan to the bridge, isp would not connect. Now I can't connect to wan anymore, I don't know why (I did change the switch tagged/untagged but I have since tried every combination and none work). I can't find anything else that I could have changed.

Here are my interfaces:
LAN - device: br-lan, protocol: static address
WAN - device: eth0.2, protocol: pppoe

So the question is how to connect to wan again... And after that, how do I provide wan network access to my local network? Thank you

Show your /etc/board.json and /etc/config/network, make sure to redact access credentials and other personal information.