Wr902ac v3 too unstable in some places

ok this is weird, my wr902ac v3 in my home is stable, but when i connect it in other places/isp
i get constant deauthentications,

internet goes slow

wifi dissapears

wifi shows error ( wifi full cannot connect, or something similar)

i tried using non overlapping channels in 2g anf 5g

tried hidding ssid

but nothing worked

what is weird is that in my main home

there is no such weird behaviour

what can i do?

Rather sparse on details. From your description, it's hard to know if the issue is the upstream or downstream network that is suspect.

Configs could be useful as a starting point...
also, where is this happening? Are there lots of other wifi APs around? How far are you from the device? Is it connecting to the upstream via wifi or ethernet? if wifi, what is the signal quality to the upstream?

1st place: modem>firewall> other firewall > openwrt router

it works flawlessly

2nd place: modem> wifi router > openwrt

3rd place: modem > openwrt

what i think is that maybe there are passive monitors or hackers around the 2 , 3 place

packages: banip bcp38, stubby

could it be wifi signal? but is strong and power is default db

You stil haven't told us anything that would help narrow it down.

Let's start with thse:

  • Are you using a wired or wireless connections to the upstream network in each location?
  • Why do you think this? What evidence do you have of such activities?

im not at home currently but when i arrive i can do a cap of config

i am using wired connection, zero repeaters, just vanilla

i was thinking about being hackers cause i know my neighbors and since they dont have own internet they just bust everyone to see who falls

Wired connections in all 3 locations? Have you tried connecting a computer directly to the wired upstream connection (instead of through the 902ac) to test the speed and performance of each connection?

This is not 'hacking', per se. If might be people using your network connection (or possibly the network upstream of yours) which could certainly degrade the experience, but it is not necessarily unexpected nor does it indicate malicious activity.

There's nothign you can do about those other client devices unless they are, in fact, connected to your own SSIDs. Are they? Can you see them on your own SSID when you look at the associated clients?

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ah sorry, yes i am using wifi , for wan i am using wan cable

I'm confused...


Although it depends on the connection type, rarely does a wired connection involve auth/de-auth.

Please be really clear about the physical upstream connection type for each location.

i use wifi and for wan is wired

is there any way to make it stable? maybe rollback to wpa2? but i tought wpa3 was more stsble

Wired wan for all locations?

yes 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 (cant post short anwers)

So then what are the deauths you are seeing?

i just installed openwrt on the 902, is very unstable, wifi 2g and 5g gets disconnected almost everytime

i do not know what to do to make it reliable

it was supposed to be stable out of the box

Let’s see the configs to start. I asked earlier, but now I’ll be specific.

Please copy the output of the following commands and post it here using the "Preformatted text </> " button:
Remember to redact passwords, MAC addresses and any public IP addresses you may have:

ubus call system board 
cat /etc/config/network
cat /etc/config/wireless
cat /etc/config/dhcp
cat /etc/config/firewall
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…and completely unrelated, you are also that one guy that is in constant worries of being hacked at night by the government and repeatedly looking for ways to get auto-deauthed at night?

Are you sure, there is not some weird config leftover still there from your previous counterhack measures?

I see that neither of your radios has the country code set. Be sure to do that.

Legacy rates should not be enabled here... that is only necessary if you are using 802.11b devices. Turn that off.

Also, what channel are you using?

Change the encryption to standard psk2. Turn off 802.11w (that doesn't apply to WPA2 and may cause problems)

What channel are you using on the 5G network? And, while we're at it, where in the world are you (this will affect the available channels -- see my remark about setting the country code).

Some devices don't work well with WPA3. You may want to change this (for now) to WPA2 (psk2) encryption (and turn off 802.11w)

And for now, you should turn off this since it could be related to your issues. We need to go back to basics to understand which of your configuration settings or packages might be at issue.

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i am using non overlapping channels for 2g and 5

That's obvious... they must be by definition.

Please tell us what channels you are using - it may be part of your issue. And we also need to know where you are in the world... again, this affects the channels that are available to use.

(channel selection is not private/sensitive information -- there are defined channels that everyone must use; it's much like how the RFC1918 private address space is not sensitive either).

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i think the problem was wpa3 and also possibly bcp38....will not close the thread now cause i need to check what happens tomorrow, so thank you