Wr842nd-v1 snapshot brlan vlan incorrect tagged connecting sta

Something has changed in the ath79 wr842nd-v1 snapshot over the last couple of weeks with vlan tagging.
If I create a wds link to another router then try and bridge it to the lan the wds link fails.
Error reported on AP wds side when client sta bridged to lan

daemon.err hostapd: nl80211: NL80211_ATTR_STA_VLAN (addr=f8:1a:67:dc:f3:72 ifname=ap1 vlan_id=0) failed: -2 (No such file or directory)

connection report on AP wds side when client sta not bridged.

daemon.notice hostapd: ap1: WDS-STA-INTERFACE-ADDED ifname=ap1.sta1 sta_addr=f8:1a:67:dc:f3:72

On the wr842nd-v1 wds sta the switch has the cpu port as tagged and the switch ports untagged by default. I've tried with the cpu port untagged but get the same issue when trying to bridge the sta with the lan.

This configuration fo bridging the wds sta with the lan has worked up until now with ar71xxx and previous snapshots.

I'm thinking that something is being vlan tagged when the bridged is established which, correctly, is causing the wds link to fail. As my understanding is that I can't pass vlan tagged data across a wds link unless I encapsulate it in a gre tunnel or similar.
At this stage I don't wan't to pass vlan tagged data.