WR841nv9 15.05 + SQM?

Hi friends, good afternoon. I own a TP LINK WR 841N V9 with 550 mhz processor, 32 mb ram and 4 mb flash. I would like to know if it is possible to install openwrt 15.05 with SQM / FQ_CODEL. I tried installing on my WR 741Nv1 but I could not install luci-app-sqm, it just does not appear, I tried to install a 'Trunk' version but I ended up bricking my wr741.
Lede 17.01 and 18.06 are weighted on this router with SQM. Already at 15.05 is much lighter, I have hopes.

I tried install luci-app-sqm trying to put the 'link' download but it gives error, and it does not work. Does SQM exist for 15.05 yet?

15.05.1 has several high impact security issues by now and shouldn't be used anymore, regardless of the device in question - even if that might imply upgrading the router (you can find used routers with much better specifications for the equivalent of a fastfood meal).


And new ones for around or under US$20 that will outperform that TP-Link and have sufficient resources for support into the future.

Names of the routers ? for example ? for 20 dollars ?

Quoting @jeff from another topic [GL.iNet AR-300M-Lite]:

If you're looking at the used market, you will find several quite interesting and powerful lantiq VRX268/ VRX288 devices between 1-10 EUR plus shipping (mostly in europe though).