WR841HP V1 or V3 is there on OpenWrt list?

Is there any open wrt for these wr841hpv1 or v3? :grinning:

You can check the support status and availability of OpenWrt firmware yourself via the Table of Hardware (filtered for WR841HP).

If you see "Nothing found", then your device is not supported and there are no OpenWrt images available for downloading.

WR841HP v3 already unofficial support by community build.


does have errors? is ok ?

i mean bugs do have work lans wan wlan is maybe db limited? is gui works

I don't understand what you means ?
I have used it for 2 months now without any errors.

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thats good. can be flashed in gui with image ?

Yep, you can install from factory web gui without issue.

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Is sure can be ok with these Status
Firmware Version:
3.16.9 Build 160428 Rel.56467n
Hardware Version:
WR841HP v3 00000000

is there webrevert in zip and where is link to download that 19.0.3 updated

in what folder what file https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cRcOGeygNAm_-m82yI6cD-t-C78qEVe- what is best stabile? and contine webrevert?

sorry for my fear for brick

Snapshot is a master development version.
19.07.3 is a latest stable version.
19.07.3_noipv6 is a stable version without ipv6 support.

Go back to original firmware is the same procedure as wr841 v9 v10, see here

thank you i will try now,i hope i will work ok , i only for that reason ask for werbrevert , open wrt is great it meaked my two routers be powerfill more that officialy with tplink be from 20 to 28db in wa901v4 and wr941ndv5 from 20 to 21db

i really want it work ok

thank you so much leeandy i got only one quastion can it be 30db its on 24db max now

You can't. The OEM factory limited to 24dBm on the eeprom.

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ok thank you

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