Wr741nd dead (flash erased by busybox)

Hi mates, trying in all ways to come out from a corrupted behaviour (flashed factory ddwrt over openwrt with sysupgrade /n) I typed on serial 232 console, in busybox, the erase flash command. I was thinking that it will bring me in bootloader infinite loop, where I can type TPL, but it destroyed all flash including bootloader. How guys let erase doing such thing? It means trash the router, they should avoid it at all! Almost all Linux command don't work in busybox but erase flash does well..

What can I do now? Switching on the router just the power led goes on, no outputs from serial, dead
Thanks for answers

The word/command erase kind of implies something will be.... erased.

If you don't know what you're doing, perhaps you shouldn't.

No JTAG that I can see here. I guess you'll need a flash programmer and firmware to restore.

If you try to fix it with a flash programmer first try to read the flash, maybe you are lucky and the art table survived. Without art partition wlan will not work. Either you have a backup of the art or someone will have to post one (keep in mind that from someone else it's not calibrated for your device so might not work that well).

Thanks for answers, well.. I needed to go forward and take some risks.. I can't post here any trouble I have (and believe me, there were a lot, for example how to upload with ymodem, yes simply using Putty.. but in the guide is not mentioned) and wait the next day for answers.
Well I never believed erase command can trash the device, I think it's not proper, it has no sense to kill it, and anyway they should advice it before confirmation, since "erase flash" is not native Linux command.. and they implemented it, wrongly I guess.
Too late. Probably all partitions are ok, you may know already what a "erase flash" command under ddwrt 3.0 busybox may create.
Where I need to connect the programmer? I guess the serial interface is out of order, no?
Or is exactly it the processor uses to flash? So I just need a software for it? May you please can explain? Thanks

erase flash does exactly what it says on the envelope, you got what you 'wanted' - a brick.

Let's recapitulate:

  • it's a ~12 year old device, which sold for ~15 EUR/ USD back then (new)
  • 4/32
  • buggy draft-n wireless
  • you've overwritten the bootloader (and with that every reasonable way of recovery)
  • you've overwritten the bootloader environment (and with that its MAC addresses)
  • you've overwritten kernel/ rootfs
  • you've overwritten the the wireless calibration data, which is specific to your individual device and not recoverable (unless you have backups from your device)

…I'd pronounce it dead on the spot.

The only way to recover now, would be flashing it externally (serial console, spi-nor flasher, soldering equipment needed - which would cost more than double of what you paid for your device 12 years ago in brandnew condition), and the wireless functionality is gone for good.

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Thanks, ok I'll trash it

There is no "erase flash" in OpenWrt. There is mtd erase and it has some protection against erasing the bootloader or ART. The mtd command is there so that scripts like sysupgrade can call it. It is not recommended to run mtd directly from the command line.

Questions about dd-wrt are unlikely to be answered here for the obvious reason this is not a dd-wrt forum.

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