WR1043NDv2 architecture (march=74kc optimization)


I look into LEDE .config file for WR1043NDv2 router an cpu is defined as 24kc. But chip in this device (QCA9558) supports 74kc.

Is possible to set architecture for this router to 74kc ?

There is little benefit apparently to having the compiler optimise for 74kc, compared with 24kc, apparently - the buildbot has to do an extra run.

There was some discussion on the mailing list on this a while ago.

I want to compile LEDE myself with march=74kc.
In this thread are no differences between this architectures, it should work ?

Shouldn't be a problem afaik.

Feel free to do so. I used to optimize ar71xx for explicitly for 24kc but dropped that years ago when the 34kc was selected as the standard in Openwrt. Later it has been changed to 24kc, like discussed in that thread linked above.

Easiest place to set the gcc config option is either in .config (CONFIG_TARGET_OPTIMIZATION) , or in the original definition in include/target.mk file if you want to get it get later automatically (even when you purge .config).

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Thank you for explanation.