Wr1043ndv1 dd-wrt -> openwrt help

Hey guys, tired of the bug riddled dd-wrt and found myself with r40559.

I can't upgrade to a later version of dd-wrt as it says;
"Image too big for partition: linux
linux: Invalid argument"

On the same hand, i can't go back to the factory version (presumably for the same reason).

The unit is not bricked and continues to work with the r40559 version.

Is it possible to force openwrt on without using a serial connector please?

I don't know about dd-wrt, but you should read here for reverting to stock firmware.

It's usually (or always?) best to revert to stock before switching to another firmware.

All OpenWrt documentation for installing it are based on the OEM firmware, that's the expectation and the tested procedure.

dd-wrt is known to change partitioning and/ or bootloader on some devices, if that is the case for the tl-wr1043nd v1 is unknown. If a direct flashing to OpenWrt from dd-wrt is possible depends on exactly this question, a question we can't answer.

The only safe option is to remain within tested paths. I would expect that dd-wrt documents reverting to the OEM firmware somewhere, so this should be a viable option. OpenWrt then explains to you how to install OpenWrt from the running OEM firmware, which is also a tested approach (be aware that your device falls under the 4/32 category, due to its RAM limitation).

Depending on the individual device, taking shortcuts may be possible - or they might hard-brick the device, I would not take that risk (especially if you don't understand exactly how bootloader, appended ubootenv, calibration data and partitioning are set up under all three firmwares).

i think mine is 8M/32 but i have ordered a memory chip and will upgrade it to 64.
currently has about 11% free memory for my small environment.

i managed to recover with the serial port details for the v1. my config is exactly the same as in the log attached to the instructions for serial / tftp recovery

Replacing a RAM chip is a) not trivial and b) it doesn't change the fact that your router is 10 years old, rather slow (400 MHz) and has rather buggy 2.4 GHz only draft-n wireless. It simply doesn't make sense to invest anything into these devices, if ~5-20 EUR/ USD can give you a much better (supported) concurrent dual-band router on the used markets (even new routers start around that price point, although I wouldn't quite recommend those, they would be better than the tl-wr1043ndv1).

Disclaimer: I do own a TL-WR1043ND v1 myself, it's really past its prime - and its wireless has always been problematic, even on day one, with the OEM firmware. There are much better devices around, almost for a song.


yep. i have had it for about 10yrs and progressively moved it from the main area to leaser used areas. now i use it in the basement as a switch for two media devices and the occasional guest who might need wifi. call me sentimental, but i see no reason to change it and if the memory replacement doesn't go well, then i will give up and move one of the other older devices around and get a new one.