WR1043ND V4 speed problem

Hi all,
I finally took time to flash my router with OpenWrt. Now I can make more than 16 port forwardings and I can change my LAN IP to what I want.
I do have one problem and its a biggy.
The router seems to cap out at 200 Mbsp on a gigabit connection... Sometimes it gets to 300, but thats it.
Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be ticked/unticked?
This is with OpenWrt

Thank you

A single-core, MIPS-based router like yours can't go much beyond 300 Mbps, with nothing else running (including wireless) and under ideal conditions. Its limit with SQM is around 150 Mbps. This is a limitation of the SoC ("CPU") in it.

If you're not using SQM, you might try enabling "software flow offload".


I don't have that option and the router can go over 300 Mbps.
Previous speed tests got to 700-800 Mbps with the stock firmware.

It should be available on 19.07 RC builds (if you use 19.07, pick an ath79 build over an ar71xx one, and don't keep your settings).

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Doesn't let me

put the immage in tmp directory, with scp or sftp, than flash it via ssh with
sysupgrade -F -n your immage.bin

That bricked it...
Back to 18
I guess I'll invest in a more powerful router