WR1043ND v3 with flow offloading

With the TP-Link 1043nd V3 and my recently 1Gbit/s connection i got ~450Mbit/s without flow offloading routed. With enabled software flow offloading, i achieve ~750Mbit/s.

I haven't found any list of what devices support hardware flow offloading. Is there any list? Does the 1043nd V3 support it?
Can i test it without risk?

I once found a list of what router reaches what speeds with openWRT. This list was obviously without flow offload, because the wr1043nd v3 was listet with 450Mbit/s, which i can confirm. I haven't found the list again. I think such lists would be very usefull.

Only a few MT7621 based devices.

thanks for the answer. I still think that should be added to lists, or the specific device description, not only for this router model.
Would help alot, especially if you search for hardware to use.