WR1043ND V1 - Bricked for Good ?

I've been using WR1043nd v1 for over 5 years now and about 2 years ago I started putting on it DD WRT / OpenWRT just to experiment some new stuff.
I once managed to brick it coming back from OpenWRT to Stock but managed to unbrick it using the TTLS serial.

Fast forward to last night, I was trying to update from r34578 to the latest one or to downgrade. But it wouldn't work, tried flashing OpenWRT firmware/ Stock firwmare / Stripped stock firmware etc. Just wouldn't work no matter what.

Tried someone's post from this forum to do the if=... of=... from the partition 7 I believe, and then get another update firmware of DD WRT and do the cat >> firmware.bin command and then flash it using mtd, then reboot, but it still wouldn't update - still running r34578.

After hours and hours trying to get over this, I tried directly 'mtd -f latestfirmware.bin fullflash' command, restarted the router manually (now it wouldn't work using reboot in putty, first warning).

I was petrified discovering that now only the PWR led comes up. No SYS, no LAN etc. Plugging a USB in the back would power the usb but that's about it.
Tried connecting it to the Computer using TTLS but nothing would show up. The USB is recognized in Device Manager but won't display nothing in Putty. I believe that doing the MTD command erased the U-boot as well, am I right?

Please be advised that I debricked the router multiple times up until now using the Serial method and I'm sure that there is no connection issue / wiring failure / driver issue etc.

Now that I only have the PWR led, is there any way to get it back to life? Please advise Sad

It's dead, Jim.

You overwrote the bootloader, your only hope of rescue - the only way to recover now would be using an external spi flasher and unsoldering the spi-nor flash, an expense that doesn't quite make sense for this particular device (only 32 MB RAM) anymore (as it would set you back more than half the price of a modern tl-wr1043ndv4 or more than two thirds the price of a tl-wr1043nv5 or mir3g). Furthermore there is a good chance that you also overwrote the ART partition at the end of the flash, which isn't recoverable as it is specific to each individual device (so if you didn't take a backup before, it's gone - and with it all hope to use the wireless again).