WPS Button not working Linksys WRT1900ACSv2 I


I am fully aware that WPS is not recommended as it has security flaws. However, I only use it on an ad-hoc situation on devices that are easier to setup with WPS such as the two wireless printers I'm trying to setup for example.

Both printers have WPS built-in and it makes it so much easier to setup via this method, but sadly I can't get it to work on my OpenWrt anymore. I have wpad-openssl and
hostapd-utils installed and under Network > Wireless on LuCI if I click on the edit button for my 2.4GHz AP, under the Wireless Security tab I have checked the Enable WPS pushbutton, requires WPA(2)-PSK/WPA3-SAE checkbox. Additionally I have also changed the security to WPA2-PSK/WPA3-SAE but when I press the button on the back of my router the printer doesn't connect.

For comparable results, I temporally switched back to the stock, Linksys firmware and tested the WPS button with the printers and it back straight away.

In the past usued to be able click the Save & Apply button and WPS would be enabled, all without having to reboot the router.

WPS has always been hit or miss, it's currently not working for me either on 19.07.3, the last time i remember it working was in the Lede 17.* releases, it's probably not a priority for development because of the security issues and not many using it. I've noticed that setting it through Luci might result in both bands having WPS enabled, which might prevent it from connecting if you just need the 2.4 band for the printer, so you could try setting it through cli in /etc/config/wireless (disabling 5ghz/making sure 2.4ghz is still enabled), that's fixed it for me in the past, although not in 19.07.3.

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I forgot to mention I was on 19.07.3. I have had it working on a v19.07 build but I would have to backtrack to see what package has changed that's causing issues as it clearly doesn't work now. Considering I compile my own firmware I could check out an older tag from GitHub as it will contain a snapshot of packages at the time.