WPJ428- Network Configuration Set-Up


I followed the mentioned steps from https://forum.openwrt.org/t/wpj428-flashing-of-a-freshly-compiled-openwrt-firmware/73698 and now I am able to run OpenWrt 19.07.4 on my wpj428.

Here I need some inputs:

I was able to Connect my 5GHz radio to one of my other routers, and I am able to get the internet connectivity in my 2.4GHz radio (Have bridged the radios WWAN).

I have configured WAN0(eth0) & WAN1(eth1) using luci page set-up.
Now i am trying to make my ethernet ports work, but I am failing to do so.
Here my intension would be to connect WPJ428 to my router through LAN(using ethernet port) and connect my other devices to WPJ428 Wifi for accessing internet.

Can anyone please help me out on this?

I am a newbie on OpenWrt.
Can you help me on how to configure my "network" file?

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

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