Wpad full for WR941ND v5


can anybody help me how to find WPAD FULL for TP-Link TL-WR941ND v5 ? I need wpa2 enterprise.
I have installed

I couldn't find Attitude_Adjustment for this version so I installed OpenWRT 18.


The full version of wpad is just called 'wpad'. You will need to remove wpad-mini to avoid duplicate file conflicts.

Also this means a custom build or use of Image Builder to fit it into 4M flash.

So I can not install it in the same way as in Attitude adjustement by

opkg install


Probably not, because there is more stuff in newer versions of everything, and the flash chip is too small. When you start with a release build and opkg remove packages that shipped with it, that doesn't actually free up any space. You have to build the ROM without them in the first place.

OK. It will be so hard to to that. Is there any other way to use
wpa2 enterprise - authentication via Identity and Password ?

For my other router WR841ND I have found Attitude Adjustement 12.9 and there installed wpa manually. And for WR941ND it is only for v2, v3, v4. But I have v5 :frowning:

Deploying old versions of any firmware (including OpenWrt) is never recommended due to security issues.

If all you have are 4/32 boxes, the best way to meet that application is to replace them with better hardware.

OK. so one more question. I have installed this version:

and now I want to install gargoyle

So Can I just upgrade my router by
Or should I use:

or it is not possible now to install gargoyle if I have OpenWRT 18?

It should work to use the sysupgrade, since those Gargoyle builds are based on OpenWrt.

Though the safest way to change from one third-party firmware to another is to restore the factory firmware first, then install anew with a "factory" build. "Factory" builds are only used to flash from factory firmware to OpenWrt. Never flash them from within OpenWrt.

I have found working one :slight_smile:

Chaos Calmer 15.05.1

thanks for help :slight_smile:

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