Wpad-basic-wolfssl + hostapd-utils

Is it necessary to remove wpad-basic-wolfssl and install a more complete one to have WPS with hostapd-utils or is it enough?

You need the full version of wpad in order to have WPS working. So you need to have a firmware with "wpad" or "wpad-wolfssl" (this last one will allow you to use WPA3, if you want/need that).

So you need to compile a new firmware with that package or you can remove in the current firmware wpad-basic-wolfssl (but in this way will not free its space on storage, because it is in ROM). If you don't mind about the storage and you don't mind about loosing the wpad after a factory reset, you can:

opkg update
opkg remove wpad-basic-wolfssl
opkg install wpad # or wpad-wolfssl
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I ask because wpad-mini was mentioned before and perhaps the one used by default was already sufficient, but it seems that it is not. Greetings!

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In my opinion it is a shame that WPS needs the full wpad version, because WPS is really popular for WPA "Personal" credentials obtaining. So, when you just need WPS you are forced to install al the features like "enterprise" authentication which in most of the cases you don't need them when you are looking for WPS enabling.

But this is how it is at this moment, unfortunatelly!


I use wpad-mesh-openssl otherwise mesh does not work

But he wasn't talking about wearing mesh. Just having WPS. I know that using wpad-mesh-openssl or wpad-mesh-wolfssl does allow it, but I was hesitant with wpad-basic-wolfssl.

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