WPA3 or WPA2/3 not working with Android - Linksys WRT3200ACW

On a Linksys WRT3200ACW I've been trying to upgrade from WPA-2 to WPA-3 or WPA-2/3 but on the former, my Google Pixel 6a nor Pixel 7 can detect it and on the latter, they detect it but can't connect. I also tried connecting from a Linux Fedora Silverblue laptop but it keeps asking to enter the password (it's unchanged) and it won't work. As soon as I move to anything higher than WPA-2, the Wireless Overview interface indicates "No client associated" with the wireless connection. Is there something that I'm missing to get this to work? Android has supported the protocol since Android 10 and even offer it when hosting a hot spot.

Sorry, but WPA3 on Linksys WRT will not work.

The LuCi GUI is held generic and supports WPA3. Linux itself also would support it. But the no longer maintained proprietary driver code of Linksys WRT unfortunately does not.
It appears to be activated and working, but WPA3 will not perform as expected.


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