WPA2/WPA3 and 802.11r issue

I have a OnePlus 3T Android-phone that can connect just fine to a WPA2/WPA3 mixed-mode AP, but if I also enable 802.11r, the phone connects and disconnects continuously. WPA2 with 802.11r works, WPA2/WPA3 mixed mode without 802.11r works, but WPA2/WPA3 with 802.11r doesn't.

As the router I have a Zyxel NBG6716, if that is relevant.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on and if it's possible to fix this? Is this a hardware-issue on the phone or is this something that could be fixed OpenWRT-side?

Interestingly enough, my 802.11r roaming stopped working with my OnePlus 8 Pro as well when I enabled WPA2/WPA3; it could connect to the access-points just fine and everything else worked great, but it insisted on staying stuck to a single AP until the signal-level dropped low enough that the AP disconnected the phone.

Changing back to WPA2-only (with 802.11r and 802.11w enabled) brought roaming back, as confirmed through both the Ubiquiti Wifiman-app on the phone and the logs on the OpenWRT APs.

I guess I'll take another look in a year or two.

PS. In case anyone ever stumbles upon thing from some Google-search or similar, it seems my OnePlus 8 Pro switches over to another AP at -75dBm or worse. It lets the signal drop a little too low for my taste. Too bad there's no way of adjusting the limit.

G'Day mate,
You think OnePlus has backported WPA3 or intends to? I would guess they want to sell phones and the 8T is pretty much still serviceable, yet the 3T?

Couple years from now you'll have all new rigs.
Am I right?

My 3T is running LineageOS. Also, OnePlus has long since abandoned the 3T.

Cool you've repurposed a phone and given it a new life. So what do the folks at LineageOS have to say about WPA3 backport?

Yeah, that's borderline broke! Perhaps you can get on the OnePlus community forums and rant /s or see if any developments are in the promise-land.

That'd be a waste of time: OnePlus ain't got the tiniest interest in fixing issues in anything other than their newest phones and they've got even less interest in backporting anything or adding features to anything. The company has gone all the way down the drain over the years and I nowadays actively recommend people to avoid OnePlus.