Would you recommend I switch to OpenWrt 22.03.3 on Tp-Link EAP245?

I am using Mikrotik hAP ac2 flashed with OpenWrt. I have install sqm and solved my bufferbloat problems on wired. But on wifi have bufferbloat. I am using Tp-Link EAP245 as an access point. So to solve bufferbloat on wifi I want to flash OpenWrt 22.03.3 to Tp-Link. Does anybody using OpenWrt on this device. Are there any performance issues for this device. Would you recommend I switch to OpenWrt or should I use it on stock firmware? I would be appreciated if you write your reviews.

buffer bloat is really related to routing. If you're using a dumb AP, the AP itself generally does not affect your buffer bloat situation. Further, most solutions to imrpove BB related problems are based on SQM or similar traffic shaping methods which affect routing (L3) processes, not switching/bridging (L2) based traffic transport.

So, the choice about using OpenWrt vs the TP-Link stock firmware is really a question about what environment you prefer and/or what other features you might need from your AP that are only available on oe or the other.

Regarding general performance, search the forum for performance related topics for this AP. Others may be able to answer more specifially about this AP, but many APs have good wifi performance on OpenWrt -- generally equivalent to (and sometimes better than) the stock firmware. However, certain chipsets are not as well supported and may have worse performance.

The device info page has information about flashing to OpenWrt and back to the vendor stock firmware, so you can give it a shot and revert back if you don't have good performance on OpenWrt.

Be sure that you download the image that is for the correct version of your hardware, and read the instructions carefully. A UART serial-USB adapter can be handy to have on hand in case something goes wrong.

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My experience is that stock firmware have higher performance on 5GHz. Problem is not really in number of Mbit, more in response time and general lagging is the problem.

There are known performance issues with this device if you search the forum.

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Thank you for your answers.
As @psherman said, I was thinking I can give it a shot but after I read @flygarn12 comment and other comments about this device, I have decided to stick with stock firmware until issues will be fixed.

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