Would there be a new version of dropbear package?


As I stated in one of my earlier posts, latest dropbear package gave me trouble establishing SSH connection. After that, I don't upgrade to it anymore. So, here is a simple question: Would there be an update for it?
I would like to be contacted with a developer of dropbear, if possible.

Thank you.

I would hope that dropbear is kept current as it is crucial to security of the device.

The upstream sources are from https://matt.ucc.asn.au/dropbear/dropbear.html

The package maintainer can be identified by searching the package table for dropbear and then selecting the package. There is also a link for where to file bug reports for the package on that table.

What kind of problem are you having? dropbear seems to be pretty reliable for me.

There is also the option of installing the OpenSSH package which may resolve problems with higher-security connections (though may also cause problems with servers that are wildly out of date for their TLS protocols).

I came into a conclusion that my decision to use both stable and snapshot packages together lead to this error.
After using Snapshot kernel, the issue is resolved. My setup was made that way: My way for updating packages on TP-Link Archer C7 v4 + a bug on dropbear 2017.75-8 on this device


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