Would OpenWrt Solve buffer bloat, would this hardware work


First of applogies for the newbie level of this post, comments and guidance appreciated.

My ISP is Talktalk in the uk, internet over tephone line. i have been using their stock router and its not very good. I also got a TPLINK AC750 from a friend who upgraded, which cant do OpenWrt but was a little bit better.

The issue I am having is latency in games, as soon as other people in the house use the connection i get big spikes in latency. On BF1 on the ps4 you can bring up a performance graph, and I can watch it happening, very frustrating.

I have used the speed tests at DSL Reports and my bufferbloat is rated as a C or a D. So i looked into bloat a bit and found out that OpenWrt could help.

Befor I buy new kit can some kind soul, who knows more than I, please confirm that this setup is viable and may help manage the issue I am having?

I have worked out that I need a modem, so was looking at NETGEAR DM200

For the router I was looking at Linksys WRT 1900ACS

Thanks in advance

If you have the HG633 you can but it into bridge mode so no need to get a separate modem.

As for router, the WRT32X/3200ACM is a much better buy (price/performance ratio)
https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B075GWBC22/ (149.99£ atm)

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Not sure that I have the correct talktalk router, its a DSL-3782.

Good shout on the router, checked on amazon its going for £135.20, which is pretty fantastic at that price.

That has bridges mode as well in the WAN Settings

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Lol, thanks.

Never even thought to look at it, thats how little I know.

Guess I can spend all my budget on a router then, :grinning:


Perfect, thank you very much.

After you get your router flashed with OpenWrt then start here:

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