Would like to use D-Link 2750B ver. D1 as a repeater

I have the router in the title, don't use it anymore, but could use a Wi-Fi repeater/range extender.
It hasn't got that function built-in as it came from the factory, but was wondering if I could get it by installing OpenWRT v19.07.3

In other words, is that function programmable in software (and present in OpenWRT), or does it have to be supported by the hardware?

You won't have much fun with Broadcom BCM43217 wireless, even less for your desired functionality.

The point is not having "fun", but allowing chat messages and little else to get through to a couple of rooms in a house.
I don't need full 10/100/1000 Wi-Fi, even a badly choked connection is ok.

So, depending on what you mean by "fun", it might still be a solution to my problem.

"Fun" is an euphemism in this regard, the chipset is barely supported by b43 at all (limited to 54 MBit/s at best, and n-phy has never been really stable with b43 either), but most of all it (iirc) can't do multiple interfaces on the same radio (which would be necessary for your desired functionality).

Ok, got it, no dice.
Sad to be forced to throw away tech "junk" all the time, not very eco friendly :frowning:
Thanks for the help & quick answers :slight_smile:

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