Would like to donate netgear r6220, archer c7, wrt3200acm

I'd like to make a hardware donation to a developer if anybody is interested. I'll pay shipping to any address. I think the most interesting is the r6220 ac1200 as there is a known bug nobody is interested in fixing, perhaps because nobody has this hardware?

Also an Archer C7 v5 and wrt3200acm.

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Are you sure that this issue is still alive? Any more recent info ? I'm using this device on a daily basis and it works wonderfully. I'm also using/managing two others, and again nothing to complain about.

Many users have opened threads here about it, so this device may be pretty popular.

Thank you for your very noble intention. Just a heads-up, when Linksys was still owned by Belkin, they sent quite a few of the WRT3200 units to OpenWrt devs and even to some package devs. So there may not be a lot of interest in those models from the developers.