Would like to apply a patch to openvpn

Hi I would like to apply the xor patch to openvpn on ledge
I am new to linux so I am not familiar with the commands and how to go about it.
if anybody could give me a little hand how to do this

here is the patch link:

anyone ?
I could really use help

Start by grabbing the patch, put in:



make package/network/services/openvpn/{clean,compile} V=s

and see how badly it fails. Proceed from there; i.e. version compatibility...

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how to grab the patch and put it in that directory?
sorry I am a newbie but I can learn
I assume by putty

tried to scp to this directory, it doesn't exist..
actually there is no /package at all

I think you misunderstand. That is a source code patch, meant to be applied when one is building openvpn for inclusion in an image, so that is all relative to ones buildroot. It is not something to be applied to a live image.

oh so I cannot install it?
I just wanna compile a patched IPK file to install

this seems relevant, but I have no idea what is that:

also this:


one person says on one of the previous links that he built an IPK and appied it... how can I do that ?

seems like it needs linux to compile that IPK, if anybody generous enough to do it for me? cause I don't have linux, I will really appreciate it

Come on guys, I really need help
I read and searched as much as I can, and I cannot get to understand how this could work

You can run Debian in a virtual machine. You will need a modern PC with at least 16 GB of RAM. Give your VM 8 GB RAM and 30 GB disk. Go to the Debian site and get and install one of their VM images. A " server" version which is all CLI based would be most suitable.

Run the buildroot to make a standard build for your router, including OpenVPN. Then copy the patch in to the source tree and remake OpenVPN.

I don't want to do all that, i just wanna compile an IPK file with the patched openvpn and install it

PM that person.

I did, and he is just gone from here for good i think... :confused:
also found an ipk in the link i posted and tried to install it but gave me a different architecture error :confused:

Hi @Pink_Waters Welcome to OpenWrt - I'm glad that you have enthusiasm for the project.

But I have to caution you that building firmware (or patching a package for inclusion into firmware) is not a beginner project. The Developer documentation is not well developed, and relies on a lot of native Linux skills.

I would look to others on this forum to give you pointers for getting started (I don't build firmware, either). I know there have been a couple topics on the forum that talk about it, and the wiki has some pages as well.

Good luck, and thanks again for your interest in OpenWrt.


Yes if someone is already set up, all they would have to do is change to your architecture and compile.

Though using binaries from strangers should be discouraged especially on security related stuff. Compiling yourself is best.

any idea how to do that ?

Someone who made the .ipk for Raspberry Pi 3 for example, they could use their setup, make menuconfig, select your router and make an ipk for you.

This requires having a build system running.

What model router do you have?

I have TP-Link TL-WR1043N/ND v2

this is the link to the IPK:

The WR1043 is in the MIPS24 architecture.