Would it be possible to configure use IPV6 between routers?

So I'm wanting to use 2 different routers for my lan to help segregate the lan. 1 router to be just for streaming devices, i.e TVs and the like. The second router I want to be all devices, i.e computer, laptops, tabs, and phones. Additional config for IOT not included in first 2, divided between the 2 routers.

I have 2 Asus RT-AX92U (Stock Firmware, for Mesh) and a TP-Link Archer A6 (OpenWrt firmware). I also have other older routers and repeaters that I'm thinking of using as OpenWrt smart switches. I have an RPI that I want to use as the main router to feed the other 2.

Reading articles, the problem I'm going to run into would be double NAT. The double NAT wouldn't work for some gaming. Reading more IPV6 wouldn't have this issue.

Can I set up the RPI OpenWrt router to hand out IPV6 addresses only to the 2 (3 with mesh) routers, therefore working around the double NAT issue? With the IPV6 addressing, could I configure the ASUS routers as routers and not APs? What would I have to do on configuration of the Archer A6 in OpenWrt?

I'd also like to get my PIHole working for all traffic from both routers.

I'm at a loss as to get the IPV6 going, as I just started delving into OpenWrt and going down the networking rabbit hole. I hope I explained this enough to get some help.


  • Most gaming server still use IPv4
  • Your OpenWrt should have local IPv6 enabled by default
  • IPv6 connectivity won't magically give you IPv4 connectivity, despite solving NATing, you'll still need an IPv4 connection to reach the IPv4 Internet