Would anyone be willing to sell their old Home Hub 5 a?

I have another thread asking about a device combination to get my network running Openwrt.

A user suggested I create a thread asking if anyone would be willing to sell their old HH5a if they since upgraded their setup.

So an open question to the forum on if anyone has one of these and what price they'd part with it for?

@AdamW Do you specifically want a HomeHub5A or are you just interested in getting up and running with OpenWrt.

OpenWrt, mainly to try and utilise SQM Cake and see if it fixes our bufferbloat issues.

Cost is a factor, because if it doesn't work I don't want to be out of pocket too much.

The HH5A seemed like a really economical starter option as it will be a modem and wireless router in one. And if it doesn't work I'd potentially not be down too much. If I did get used to OpenWrt and liked the features etc I could potentially upgrade further down the line having a lot more knowledge of how it works.

Yes you should be able to pick up a HH5A very cheaply. I seem to recall that I needed to solder various connections into the HH5A to be able to upload the firmware over a serial connection......it was a bit painful tbh but worked in the end.......still using it as a dumb switch.

I have more recently used the D-Link DIR 2660 with success much easier but probably more costly than the HH5A. Guess it all comes down to how much you want to spend.


Well, @mercygroundabyss had 2 of them left (he's in the UK) and i've got a spare one (i'm located in Germany).

The most expensive part will be shipping...where do you live?

I live in the UK, in the Sheffield area to be specific. I have kindly had someone offer to sell me one of their old devices via a private message for a reasonable amount so I will see how this goes for now :slight_smile:

Failing this I may ping you both to see if you'd be willing to consider selling?

Ah, South Yorkshire...i've got some relatives living over there.
Of course you can contact me if you wish to.
I can't speak (write) for @mercygroundabyss, but i believe he won't be angry :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you :slight_smile: