Would American EA6350 power supply work in Australia with adaptor?

Question for any Americans who the EA6350, would the American power supply work with Australian power (230V 50Hz) with a plug adapter?

lot's of those adapters are not very good if you have a fire you insurance may not pay out due to it not meeting Australia standards
just find it's voltage,AC or DC and Amp's & find a replacement I'm sure you have one laying around
most are 12V DC about 2 or more AMP's
must match the Volts you can use more AMPS & you just need to find the right DC Jack seems to be there are only about 3 type's in use that I see
if you don't use the usb port you may get away with a 1.5A like you get with an external HDD

the only exception I can think of is if it's like a laptop supply my Netgear R6300 come with this & i Could just change the IDC lead cos it supports 90-240 V on it's input

if you try to use an adapter tho make sure the plug pack will accept 220V AC lot of US one's only support 110V & you will break things

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just to add it's easy to find a plug pack at weekend markets all those old telstra & optus cable & adsl modem that can no longer be used have a good 12V DC 3A pluf pack witch would fit most routers
they usually have a DC Jack 5.5/2.1mm or 5.5/2.5mm

Yea good point, it's apparently 12V, 2.0A. Not sure barrel size though.

most people have old modems or routers around I think 80% are 12V DC so check what you have sitting around

EA6350 v3 uses 2.1mm ID/5.5mm OD barrel plug.

The high 2 Amp rating is I guess to accommodate self-powered USB3 portable hard drives up to 1 Amp spec.

I use spare 12 @ 1.5A power adapters with my EA6350 v3 without any problems. I don't use the USB3 socket with hard drives.